Slime Rancher Game Online

Slime Rancher is a popular first-person simulator that recently got a new part. This game is relaxing, exciting and adorable, and the simple cartoon graphics are bright and cute. On this site you have the opportunity to try the latest version of it and other parts that developers created for all fans. It’s time to play and test it yourself.

Create your own farm

In the beginning of the game you spawn on a huge land without any buildings. There you are able to discover your house, where you can sleep and watch your progress and other necessary information. Also, near your house you can discover strange pillars.

After clicking on them, you realize that by using them you are able to build a special cage for your future pets. Don’t worry, your pets in this game won’t dislike their cages, because they look perfect. Also, on the left and right sides of your house you can find special places for your garden. There you will plant food for your pets. And right in front of your house you can exit the farm and go explore the huge locations around you.

Find your first pets

In Slime Rancher you are the owner of these small adorable creatures. They are different colors, shapes and kinds. They also eat different food and live in various areas. But you can’t just call them and ask to go to your farm. For this purpose you have a huge vacuum in your hand.

Collect the necessary amount of them and bring them to their cages. Remember that if they jump high, you also need a ceiling. But the first location contains just simple kinds of these creatures. To find rare ones that are more beautiful and give you more resources, you need to go explore all locations that are on your map. Some of them are locked from the start of the game, so find a way to open them and go!

Why do you need these animals?

First, they are very beautiful and different, you are able to find amazing sparkling ones, or get the colorful types. Second, this game has special currency. While you play, to open new locations, purchase improvements for your items and get new upgrades for your farm, you need the special plorts that your pets give you after you feed them.

Some of these plorts you are able to get during the game in different locations. Of course, the rarer your creatures are, the more expensive their plorts will be. Exchange them in the special places and receive money to spend it on all improvements in the Slime Rancher store.

Since the release day this product gained huge popularity. Still don’t understand why? Turn on your pc and start the first part on this site. And don’t forget about cool achievements.